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Hi, and welcome to my blog. I wore this blog to tell you about some of the electronic products and services that I’ve found to be the best in their catagory. My views are my own, but they’re honest and to the point. If you wan to purchase a product of services, go to the Products page and click the Order Now button. Thanks for visiting, Jenny Chromebook review Galazy tablet review
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Why I Love My Chromebook

It has been a while that I have been using Chromebook. It was out of necessity that I first got my hands on this nifty laptop. My old laptop had completed its cycle of life. I was short on dough and wanted an affordable yet functional replacement. My search led me to Chromebook and I decided to try the cloud computing for a while. It is another thing that I am hooked for over a year now. Size and Weight My Samsung Chromebook measures around 11.6 inches. It is not weightier than a kilogram or 2.2 lbs. These two factors were not the only aspects of Chromebook that won me over. Still, I wanted to have a laptop that was fully functional yet easier to carry around. Cloud Computing The unique selling point of Chromebook is its use of cloud computing. I had used cloud storage before. It was however my first time running entire processes on cloud. The best part about cloud computing is that it does not slows down your computer. Every function is run through cloud elements and the data is also stored virtually. I can retrieve data from anywhere and on any device as soon as I log into my account. Gone are the days of lugging my heavy laptops around everywhere. Keyboard There could be slight variations to keyboard design based on manufacturer. Still, Chromebook overall has a great keyboard. It is useful for office work where you may have to draft endless proposals. It is also good for students looking for a fuss-free keyboard to type long assignments and research essays.

How To Choose Between A Laptop And A Tablet

There are numerous gadgets to choose from in the market. Buyers can at times find it difficult to decide what to buy. Tablets and laptops have become increasingly popular among people of different ages and groups. This is mostly due to their ability to provide users with specialized experiences. If you are one of the buyers who is wondering which of these is best for you, you will find this information useful in making a buying decision: Major Laptop Features Laptops are categorized as mobile personal computers. You can use them to perform all tasks that you would perform on a desktop computer. The only difference between laptops and desktop computers is that laptops are portable, light and are designed in compact fashion. Over the years, laptop devices have become smaller and lighter. In addition, there has been considerable progress in laptop performance, power and functionality. Laptops are favorite computing devices for most users because they enable them to undertake all tasks that they would need desktops to complete. These devices are preferred largely because they of they are conveniently flexible and mobile. Major Tablet Features Tablets are the peak of mobile technology these days. They are lightweight, compact and extremely portable devices. However, the ability to process is not as high in tablets as it is in laptops. Their computing functionality is extremely limited despite the fact that it is enough for some people’s operations.

Why I Love My Galaxy Tablet

I have fallen in love with my Galaxy There are many reasons for this love affair. The most prominent reason being that it has made life easier for me. Being a pragmatic person, it is not easier for me to like the features of a smart phone. I have tried many smart phones over the years and none has piqued my fancy to this extent. I would list the reasons that have compelled me to start liking my phone. Screen Size Apple does not give you that big of a screen. Big screens didn’t attract me much either. Responsiveness was a better indicator of a screen’s function. Galaxy has a huge screen. It is large enough to outdo any Apple screen by a large margin. Size alone does not matter when it comes to rating smart phones. Still, the large screen helped me in watching movies without having to strain my eyes. The resolution and display was crisp and cutting edge. Functionality wise, the screen is pretty good. Response time is low and the screen is super fast. This is what wins my praise for S4. Functionality The overall functionality of Galaxy puts it ahead of competition. It can be used as a business phone as it comes with plenty of communication tools. You can also use Galaxy S4 as an entertainment phone. It is an amazing experience to watch high- definition movies on S4. Syncing is simple and easy and I did not face any issues in transferring data to and from the phone. Wi-Fi connections are also strong and there are hardly any lapses. Air Gesture and Air View I could not get over the fun part of using my hands to swipe the smart screen. The air gesture is a smart addition. You can maneuver the phone by just waving your hand close to the screen. There is no need to touch it to change apps or windows. Air View is another catchy addition. You can use your finger on an email list to read snippets of all the mails.  

Top 3 Reasons Why I Like Satellite TV Better Than Cable

Compared to cable, satellite TV offers several advantages. It uses digital signal which provides clear, improved pictures. Satellite TV also offers better sound quality and a wide range of channels. Currently, satellite TV providers are marketing up to 500 TV channels. This means that you get a wider service based, ranging from ZDTV to A&E at a cost of about 40 dollars per month.  Satellite TV also features numerous sports packages plus all the movie channels that you are ready to pay for. To see what sports packages are offred. click this link. Here are three major benefits that you can expect when you shift from cable to satellite TV: Lesser Month-to-Month Charges Compared to cable, satellite TV is less costly on a month to month basis. You may find the initial installation cost to be high because you will have to buy a black box the size of a VCR and a dish in order to decode the satellite signal. This will cost you about 100 dollars on the lower side and 400 dollars on the high side. You may want to consider buying equipment from satellite companies such as DirecTV and EchoStar as these will offset your costs by offering regular promotions that enable you to get rebates on all or part of installation and equipment charges. You can take advantage of such offers if you take a one year subscription. For instance, in some selected markets where Time Warner switched off ABC, DirecTV offered free installation and 99 dollar cash back. The company got over 25,000 subscribers in just 12 days. You get to Watch Local News Local TV channels were not on satellite TV until recently. However, you could watch national network shows on CBS, ABA, Fox and BBC that broadcasted from Los Angeles or New York. The problem the problem was that you could not watch your local TV news.  
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