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Hi, and welcome to my blog. I wore this blog to tell you about some of the electronic products and services that I’ve found to be the best in their catagory. My views are my own, but they’re honest and to the point. If you wan to purchase a product of services, go to the Products page and click the Order Now button. Thanks for visiting, Jenny Chromebook review Galazy tablet review Dish Network review DirecTV review
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Why I Love My Chromebook

It has been a while that I have been using Chromebook. It was out of necessity that I first got my hands on this nifty laptop. My old laptop had completed its cycle of life. I was short on dough and wanted an affordable yet functional replacement. My search led me to Chromebook and I decided to try the cloud computing for a while. It is another thing that I am hooked for over a year now. Size and Weight My Samsung Chromebook measures around 11.6 inches. It is not weightier than a kilogram or 2.2 lbs. These two factors were not the only aspects of Chromebook that won me over. Still, I wanted to have a laptop that was fully functional yet easier to carry around. Cloud Computing The unique selling point of Chromebook is its use of cloud computing. I had used cloud storage before. It was however my first time running entire processes on cloud. The best part about cloud computing is that it does not slows down your computer. Every function is run through cloud elements and the data is also stored virtually. I can retrieve data from anywhere and on any device as soon as I log into my account. Gone are the days of lugging my heavy laptops around everywhere. Keyboard There could be slight variations to keyboard design based on manufacturer. Still, Chromebook overall has a great keyboard. It is useful for office work where you may have to draft endless proposals. It is also good for students looking for a fuss-free keyboard to type long assignments and research essays. Crisp Web Browsing Chromebook offers you a crisp browsing experience. There are no glitches involved and I can run YouTube, Facebook and Netflix simultaneously. The clogging I used to experience with my old laptop is no longer there. Google Drive Chromebook uses its own set of programs. I have done away with Microsoft Office suite. It is not available on the new laptop either. There is instead the Google Drive. The platform offers one stop solution for creating documents, slides, sheets and databases. It is simple and glitch-free. Data is saved on cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. Google Store Chromebook is a Google product. This means that you have full access to the Google Store. You can download applications, upgrade to newer versions and implement other changes. I have also been able to sync my Store purchases as I also use an Android smart phone. Price It all boils down to the price factor. What won me over was the significantly low price of Chromebook than iPad mini. This is not a tablet either but a full-fledged laptop. I can get my computing needs fulfilled and yet I did not pay a hefty sum for the purchase. Chromebook is an affordable yet highly efficient computer. I have been able to get my tasks done on this little laptop without any hassle. I would recommend it to those looking for an affordable yet highly functional laptop.