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Hi, and welcome to my blog. I wore this blog to tell you about some of the electronic products and services that I’ve found to be the best in their catagory. My views are my own, but they’re honest and to the point. If you wan to purchase a product of services, go to the Products page and click the Order Now button. Thanks for visiting, Jenny Chromebook review Galazy tablet review Dish Network review DirecTV review
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Why I Like My Galaxy

I have fallen in love with my Galaxy. There are many reasons for this love affair. The most prominent reason being that it has made life easier for me. Being a pragmatic person, it is not easier for me to like the features of a smart phone. I have tried many smart phones over the years and none has piqued my fancy to this extent. I would list the reasons that have compelled me to start liking my phone. Screen Size Apple does not give you that big of a screen. Big screens didn’t attract me much either. Responsiveness was a better indicator of a screen’s function. Galaxy has a huge screen. It is large enough to outdo any Apple screen by a large margin. Size alone does not matter when it comes to rating smart phones. Still, the large screen helped me in watching movies without having to strain my eyes. The resolution and display was crisp and cutting edge. Functionality wise, the screen is pretty good. Response time is low and the screen is super fast. This is what wins my praise for . Functionality The overall functionality of Galaxy  puts it ahead of competition. It can be used as a business phone as it comes with plenty of communication tools. You can also use Galaxy as an entertainment phone. It is an amazing experience to watch high- definition movies on . Syncing is simple and easy and I did not face any issues in transferring data to and from the phone. Wi-Fi connections are also strong and there are hardly any lapses. Air Gesture and Air View I could not get over the fun part of using my hands to swipe the smart screen. The air gesture is a smart addition. You can maneuver the phone by just waving your hand close to the screen. There is no need to touch it to change apps or windows. Air View is another catchy addition. You can use your finger on an email list to read snippets of all the mails. Apps Galore The Android platform ensures that there are no strings attached to buying applications. I can install, update or replace any application I want. Application management has also been made easier. The glitches associated with Apple are not with Samsung. It is a one-stop operation and you can manage all apps without problems. Crisp Sound An added advantage of Galaxy is the crisp sound. It is clear and does not come with any distortions. You can have the same sound quality whether you are using the speakers or earphones and ear buds. Superb Camera The 13 Mp camera is something to brag about. Along with higher pixel ratio, the camera provides crisp image capturing. Some might have to get a little used to learn all the features. Once fully versed, you can use the camera to create professional quality pictures and videos. Massive Storage Presence of a microSD card means that you do not have to worry about deleting contents from your phone. You can thus have larger data on the phone. Cloud storage is also good but you hate it when the bandwidth limit runs out or when you are in an area with spotty connectivity. All in all, Galaxy is a highly functional phone with good camera, innovative screen management and enhanced communication tools. I would recommend it as a good value for money.