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Hi, and welcome to my blog. I wore this blog to tell you about some of the electronic products and services that I’ve found to be the best in their catagory. My views are my own, but they’re honest and to the point. If you wan to purchase a product of services, go to the Products page and click the Order Now button. Thanks for visiting, Jenny Chromebook review Galazy tablet review Dish Network review DirecTV review
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Top 3 Reasons Why I Like Satellite TV Better Than Cable

Compared to cable, satellite TV offers several advantages. It uses digital signal which provides clear, improved pictures. Satellite TV also offers better sound quality and a wide range of channels. Currently, satellite TV providers are marketing up to 500 TV channels. This means that you get a wider service based, ranging from ZDTV to A&E at a cost of about 40 dollars per month.  Satellite TV also features numerous sports packages plus all the movie channels that you are ready to pay for. Here are three major benefits that you can expect when you shift from cable to satellite TV: Lesser Month-to-Month Charges Compared to cable, satellite TV is less costly on a month to month basis. You may find the initial installation cost to be high because you will have to buy a black box the size of a VCR and a dish in order to decode the satellite signal. This will cost you about 100 dollars on the lower side and 400 dollars on the high side. You may want to consider buying equipment from satellite companies such as DirecTV and EchoStar as these will offset your costs by offering regular promotions that enable you to get rebates on all or part of installation and equipment charges. You can take advantage of such offers if you take a one year subscription. For instance, in some selected markets where Time Warner switched off ABC, DirecTV offered free installation and 99 dollar cash back. The company got over 25,000 subscribers in just 12 days. You get to Watch Local News Local TV channels were not on satellite TV until recently. However, you could watch national network shows on CBS, ABA, Fox and BBC that broadcasted from Los Angeles or New York. The problem the problem was that you could not watch your local TV news. Many people had to be satisfied with connecting satellite inputs and antenna into switch boxes and inter-changing them physically between the two based on what show they wanted to watch. That started changing when Congress enacted a law to allow satellite companies to begin retransmitting local broadcasts. Satellite companies are now racing to include four local affiliate networks across all key markets. EchoStar for instance coverage for local content in about 28 markets and subscribers pay an additional 4.99 dollars per month. DirecTV offers local coverage in 23 markets and charges a monthly fee of 5.99 dollars. Flexible Installation Installing satellite TV is not complicated because you can mount the dish virtually anywhere in your home. Over half a million satellite TV subscribers install the satellite dish themselves. The dish can be clamped in different places other than the roof. You can have it mounted on one wall of the house, on a balcony rail or on a fence. People who live in condo and apartments need not to be worried about restrictions because it is not legal to mount dishes in gardens, private balconies and patios.